PrismaFlair Lite

PrismaFlair™ Lite Aerosol

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PrismaFlair™ Lite Aerosol 400ml

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Product Description

PrismaFlair™ Lite Aerosol produces the same unique prisms as our standard PrismaFlair™ but has been manufactured for the price conscious user or for those who require a less prominent effect.

PrismaFlair™ Lite aerosol generates the appearance of multiple, bright rainbow producing prisms moving over a liquid silver core.

The pigments change from a standard metallic appearance in low light, to vivid, multi-rainbow effects in direct sunlight or under bright lights.

PrismaFlair™ Lite pigment is a neutral colour that can be applied over any coloured basecoat or combined with our Candy Paints or Chrome to create subtle, sophisticated and totally unique combinations for your projects and products.

Please Note: This product is supplied in spray paint form and should be applied with an HVLP spray gun or airbrush.

Mixing ratio: Comes supplied ‘Ready For Use’ and does not require thinning.

Also available in spray paint form for application with a spray gun or airbrush - CLICK HERE FOR SPRAY PAINT VERSION

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